Utako Shindo



Paper presentation, Associations for Studies of Culture and Representation Online Research Forum (表象文化論学会オンライン研究フォーラム)
December 20, 2020
'Innocence' in Agnes Martin's art practice—through reinterpretation of her film 'Gabriel'

Studio Residency + Exhibition, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, December 2020 - February 2021


Art/Research Project, inspired by Agnes Martin's legacy

Recent outputs:

In Praise of Darkness, Forde Visser Archive Newsletter, June Issue

'アグネス・マーティンの風景を訪ねて (Visiting Agnes Martin's Landscape)'
Online Video Lecture, hosted by Kurumaya Museum of Art, as part of the Oyama City Council's Cultural Promotion Project in the time of the COVID-19.

Attitude and a state of mind, Open Studio Exhibition, Forde Visser Archive Southwest, Santa Fe