Utako Shindo




Utako's PhD thesis, 'The Untranslatalbe, a Poetic Place', is open access at Melbourne University's online research repository, Minerva access.


'Interview with Utako Shindo' Fierce Latitudes, text and photo by Angela Conor, 2017, read more...


Panel Talk

Asia Society at NGV: Going Global. Japanese Culture from Edo to Emoji, Hokusai Exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria - International, 28 Sept. 2017, 6:30 pm

Group Show

Deep Surface, Five Walls Melbourne, Australia, 11 Oct - 28 Oct. 2017

Group Show

Views for Future vol.17 [noise] Gallery TEN Tokyo, 31 Oct. - 5 Nov. 2017, Art Space & 4 Dec. - 21 Dec. Mooney, Morioka, Japan