Utako Shindo


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Phd Thesis: 'The Untranslatable, a Poetic Place' by Utako Shindo

The thesis was submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (By Creative Work and Dissertation)”, February 2017, The Centre for Ideas, VCA&MCM The University of Melbourne.

"As anyone struggles with that which resists translation in art, 'The Untranslatable, a Poetic Place', is written for both artists and audiences. Within the context of this thesis, ‘the untranslatable’ can be best defined as the life that drifts as it metamorphoses and transforms our experience in and reflection on the world in a more rich and poetic manner. As it ‘transfers’ in variant ways, it can only be embodied temporarily by the poetic work of art; in a poetic language that contains ‘fertile silence’, an architectural body that internalises emptiness/hollowness, or an enduring form of love that longs for motherhood. This embodiment is perceived and experienced as ‘shadow light’ (as truthful, an aid to knowledge) that shifts; an ambiguous image that shimmers; a nuance of love that trembles; or a poetic place that opens." (excerpt from Abstract of the thesis, p.iii)

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