Utako Shindo


Living Everyday by Art [2012]

In the current age where trans-border people pursuing their lives across a multitude of communities and countries are ever increasing, Youkobo Art Space, with its strong support of both international and domestic artists, is here taken as a stage upon which the everyday lives of 4 artists who work across Berlin, Melbourne, New York and Tokyo are drawn together.

Without being rooted to one place, these 4 members investigate to maintain their activities and positions as artists, and how to translate the everyday workings into the language of art. The various expressions derived from “Living Everyday by Art" will be sent weekly from each artist to Youkobo and installed at Youkobo gallery by Utako Shindo, the member of staff and the organizer of the project.

The weekly progress will be open to the public on weekends, and the accumulation of processes will be presented as an exhibition in the last two weeks of the project. Blog space 'Everyday Sludio' will be also set as a plalform to share the process and to exchange the dialogue between the artists and people of various backgrounds who are "living the everyday".


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