Utako Shindo


Immanent Landscape [2010-2012]

Immanent Landscape is a project that brought together eight contemporary artists from Australia and Japan to explore the idea of ‘landscape’.

The project involves exhibitions, artists’ residencies, workshops, talk sessions and catalogue productions, and it took place in Australia (Melbourne) 2010 and in Japan (Tokyo & Oyama) 2011. With this manner in which artists move between two cultures over two years period for a project, we aim to create and share a new cultural ‘landscape’. In 2012, the project was completed with the final exhibition in Sydney.

The participating artists were Ai Sasaki, Atsunobu Katagiri, Nobuaki Onishi, Hisaharu Motoda, Kiron Robinson, Hamish Carr, Jeremy Bakker, and Utako Shindo who innitiated the project. Their artworks vary from photography, drawing, print, object to installation, however they have common in reflecting external environments and simultaneously embodying internal environments. Their artworks, therefore, encompasses the urban, mythological, social, historical, or spiritual context that humanity shares. From these diverse artworks a singular exhibition was curated to form an immersive ‘landscape’ where different views intersect. Further, each exhibition was planned and realized newly in response to the specificity of the site, and the activities taken prior to each show.

These artists are also active in engaging with art world through curation, education, producing event or being part of artist initiative projects. The project evolves their participation into residency programs, research trips, exhibitions, educational talk sessions or workshops to create dialogues between artists, strength relationships between art communities, and to approach broader audiences. These activities have connected artists cultural knowledge and experiences, resulted in producing an exhibition that appeals to individuals with divers cultural background.

The ‘Immanent Landscape’ project intended to imagine and share “Immanent Landscape” that may be embedded in our communal existence. It was so fotunate for the project to be able to picture “Immanent Landscape” for three and half years. It feels so thankful. Thank you very much, and wishing that those who were involved in the project may keep drawing your immannent landscape.

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